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The PD660 and PD661 3-1/2 digit loop-powered meters are perfect for applications where a simple inexpensive display is required and no AC power is available.
Obstruction-Free, Maintenance-Free Precision for Your Most Difficult Flow Measurement Applications.
The Magnetoflow® magnetic flow meter's advanced design provides high accuracy (typically +/-0.25% of reading) and maintenance free operation over a wide variety of industrial applications.
The Model 7500P Magnetic flow meter combines advanced electromagnetic flow metering technology with a simple scaled pulse output capability, designed specifically for your batching application needs.
A wide variety of NEMA 4 & 4X enclosures are available to help our indicators withstand the harsh operating environment of an industrial plant.
Badger Meter's Oscillating Piston meters are highly accurate and the perfect match for food, beverage, chemical and other sanitary applications.
The R-Series flow meters are positive displacement oval gear meters designed to handle a wide range of fluid viscosities with exceptional levels of repeatability and durability.
Badger has extended its family of reliable Disc Series and Turbo Series meters to include a line exclusively for the dependable, accurate measurement of non-potable water
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