Emission Monitoring System

Emerald Data Acquisition and Reporting System

Emerald is a highly flexible and fully configurable data acquisition and reporting system for continuous emissions monitoring systems. This inherent flexibility enables Emerald to meet the requirements of Environmental Regulation Authorities throughout the world. The system can be tailored to allow data acquisition, analysis and reporting of emissions data to meet the most demanding standards.

Features and Benefits

Meets your local environmental regulations - Flexible configuration, adaptable to future requirements

Simple to install on plant - Analogue, digital & serial communications using two-wire connections

Comprehensive, versatile system configuration - Trends, reports, tables, averages, statistics, etc.

Data meets known compliance standards - Full measurement correction & normalisation capability

Automatic report generation - Archives and prints at required intervals

Easy data access - Modbus link to SCADA/DCS

System responds to continuous process changes - Event driven decision making -Flexible Setup, Simple Operation -Data displayed as tables or graphs -Real-time or historical data display -Customised display formats -Continuous event log -Automatic report generation -Password-controlled system access

Meets all demands of Compliance Monitoring

Reports and displays in ppm, mg/Nm3, lb/cu ft, lb/mmBTU, ng/J, mass flow rate, etc.

Calculation of volumetric flow, water content

Normalisation to temperature, pressure, oxygen, CO2 and water content

Total Mass Emissions

Rolling or clock averages


Statistical Limit calculations

Management of multi-fuel systems

Configurable for process Start-up and Shutdown

Versatile Data Acquisition

Automatic data storage

Daily, monthly and annual records

Automatic or manual archive facility

Calculation of min., mean and max. values

Environmental Emissions Reporting

Automatic or manual reporting

Calculation of Average and peak values

Time above emissions limit reporting

Total emissions accumulation

Correction to specified reference conditions

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