Acid Duepoint Monitor for Sulphuric Acid Plants

For monitoring of water or steam ingress is a fundamental process requirement.

In sulphuric acid applications it is essential that there is no moisture content in the process gas to avoid problems of internal corrosion at the heat exchangers and economizers. The acid dewpoint reading gives warning of plant leaks and allows repair before corrosion damage can occur.

The Model 220A is a lightweight, portable instrument designed for periodic investigation of plant leakage.

The Model 440A is a continuous monitor for permanent installation in the acid stream.

Benefits to Process Control

Detection of Steam and Water Leaks Reduces Tube Failures Eliminates Unnecessary Plant Shutdowns

Monitoring Moisture Variations in Process Streams Maintains quality of Finished Product

Key Features

Suitable for High Pressure Applications Back Pressure Regulator maintains probe integrity in positive pressure applications Flanged Sealing Gland protects from acid gases


Sulphuric Acid Plants
Fertilizer Plants
Chemical Plants

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