MAG Flow Meters

Magnetoflow© MAG Flow Meters

Obstruction-Free, Maintenance-Free Precision for Your Most Difficult Flow Measurement Applications.

Where Should You Use Badger® Magnetoflow® Mag Meters?
Just about anywhere, including when you need to measure tougher liquids, such as reclaimed water, raw sewage, or when your meter location is difficult for maintaining the meter. Other meters clog and can require frequent maintenance when used in liquids with suspended solids. But not Magnetoflow Mag meters. Why? Because there is no measuring element inside to get clogged in the first place. Its flow tube design is completely non-intrusive and maintenance-free, with no moving parts to impede the flow.

Field-Proven Advanced Technology.
Magnetoflow's simple design is the result of years of research in electromagnetic flow measurement technology, as well as successful implementation in water, wastewater, and industrial applications worldwide.

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