Secondary Locks for Cam and Groove Quick Coupling

The design of cam and groove coupling is such that an increase in internal pressure will increase the clamping force on the cam (handle). Handles will not open due to pressure alone. However, there are applications that for hazardous and safety reasons, a secondary lock may be desirable. This is often the case in the chemical industry where dangerous fluids are often present. In many cases a lock is required where a separate and deliberate movement must be performed before the coupling handles can be opened and the coupling haves separated.

In many locations, pins or other removable mechanical devices are used to provide a lock. These are often difficult to use if the operator is wearing protective equipment and the components are small. Ritepro's secondary locks are an integral part of the coupling and so they do not need to be removed. They are easy to operate, even while wearing gloves.

Cam and Groove CouplingsThe Anti-Vibration Spring clamps the handles in position. The spring remains attached to one of the handles when open so it cannot be lost. This lock is easily field retrofit to existing couplers. Just remove the finger ring, slide the spring on and reinstall the ring. A secondary motion is required to place the Spring in lock position.

Cam and Groove CouplingsThe Spring Clip locks automatically when the handles are closed. To open the lock, press the Clip to the side and open the handle normally. This system can be retrofit, however, the handle rivets need to be removed. This option is best ordered from the factory.

The Secondary Coupling Lock shown at top is an integral part of the coupling design. When the rotational lock is closed, the handles cannot be opened. A secondary motion is required to lock or unlock this device. This is ideal when space is at a premium, i.e. batching where multiple connections are arranged on a manifold.

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