Technova SBP Butterfly Valve

Main Features:

  • Heavy-duty, compact construction
  • maintenance-free
  • Bubble-tight shut-off throughout the full pressure and temperature range
  • wide selection of high-quality liner and disc materials for economical valve performance
  • Unique shaft sealing arrangement assures maintenance-free operation at automated processes and high operating prerssures, with optimized and reinforced liner shape
  • One-piece disk/shaft for hysteresis-free flow control, with polished sealing surface, leading to low torque values
  • Wide and chambered flange sealing surface does not require additional flange gaskets
  • Flange drilling according to DIN PN10/16 resp. ANSI 150lbs for installation into existing piping systems

Typcial Service Applications:

  • Chemical CPI
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Bio-Technical
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Semi-Conductors
  • Pulp and paper
  • Food processing
  • Paint and Pigments
  • Textile Industry
  • Mining and Steel
  • Steel / Metal processing
  • Desalination
  • Chlor Alkali
  • Water Treatment
  • Detergents, Oils and Fatty Acids

Technical Data:

  • Nominal Sizes: DN25 - DN1000 respectively 1" - 42"
  • Flanges according to DIN PN10/16 resp. ANSI 150lbs
  • F/F acc. to EN 558-1 range 20 respectively ASME B15.10
  • Bodies: Cast steel ASTM A216 WCB, CF-8M, ISO flange
  • Liners: PTFE, PTFE-AS(conductive), UHMWPE
  • Discs: PFA, PFA-AS, PVDF- or ETFE-encapsulated, solid made of SS Duplex, Titanium Gr.2, Hastelloy
  • Elastomer backings: VMQ (Silicone), FPM (Viton), EPDM

Operating Conditions:

(depending on material selection)
  • Pressure 1mbar (0.14psi) up to 16 bar (232 psi)
  • Temperature -40C (-40F) up to +220C (+428F)

Dynamic Sealing System (standard):

  • Shaft sealing Pre-loaded, dynamic shaft sealing arrangement
  • the pressure ring transfers the bellevill-spring action and elastomer compression force onto liner and disc hub, providing a bubble-tight shaft sealing mechanism for upper and lower section.
  • Elastomer Backings provide a resilient and uniform pressure onto sealing surface for positive tight shut-off, available in various qualities
  • One-piece disc/shaft, SS Duplex (1.4462) cores with encapsulations made of PFA, PFA-AS, PVDF, ETFE or solid discs made of SS Duplex, Titanium Gr.2, Hastelloy C etc.

Testing / Marking:

  • Pressure and tightness testing acc. to prEN 12266-1, leakage rate A, and sparking at 35 kV to assure lining integrity. Marking on valves on body and name plate according to EN 19.
  • Material respectively test certificate according EN 10204-3.1B

Valve Construction Diagram

  1. Mounting Top flange according to EN ISO 5211, including O-ring
  2. Name Plage 1.4301 (SS304)
  3. Marking according EN 19
  4. One-piece disc/shaft, solid or encapsulated minimum 2.5mm
  5. Liners made of PTFE, PTFE-T or PTFE-AS (anti-static), thickness minimum 3mm, with VMQ or FPM backing
  6. Body Bolts made of 1.4301, A2-70 (SS304)
  7. Flange Standard according to EN 1092 or ASME B16.5
  8. Body made of cast steel 1.0619 (WCB), powder-coated RAL 5005 signal-blue or stainless steel casing 1.4408 (CF-8M)
  9. Rated Breaking Point
  10. Double-D shaft according to EN 12116 

Dynamic Shaft Seal:

Technova SBP Dynamic Shaft Seal Diagram
  1. Triple shaft bearning
  2. Belleville springs
  3. Pressure ring
  4. Elastomer insert
  5. Guide Ring

Mounting Options:

Technova SBP Butterfly Valve Mounting Options Diagram
  1. Limit switch box
  2. Filter Regulator
  3. Solenoid valve
  4. Manual override
  5. Locking Handle
  6. N0AMUR bracket
  7. Position indicator
  8. SPA Pneumatic actuator
  9. Bare shaft DD
  10. Manual gearbox
  11. ISO mounting kit
  12. Silencer
  13. Throttling valve & Silencer
  14. El. Pneumatic positioner

Valve Wafer Parts List:

Technova SBP Butterfly Valve Wafter Parts List Diagram
  1. Body two-piece, RAL 5005, WCB
  2. Liner, PTFE
  3. Disc Encapsulated, Duplex/PFA
  4. Elastomer, VMQ
  5. Elastomer Pad, VMQ
  6. Pressure Ring, Carbon Steel
  7. Guide Ring, C.Steel
  8. Elastomer Insert, VMQ
  9. Belleville Spring, Spring Steel
  10. Bearing DU, C.Steel/PTFE
  11. O-Ring top, FPM
  12. Socked Head Cap Screw, A2-70
  13. Name Plage 42x14 CE, A2
  14. Hammer Screw 2.49x4.76, A2
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